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Photo collages

No more cutting up photos to fit pre-defined layouts!

See a gallery of our photo collages!

What's wrong with pre-made mats?

Say no to pre-cut mats!There are several problems with pre-made mats.  For one, you must often cut pictures to size so they'll fit within the mat.  And sometimes, the pictures inside the frame don't stay put and you're forced to tape or glue them.  This means if you want to change the picture, it makes it more difficult.  You also can't put your own text on the mat.

What are the advantages of a custom collage?

Rather than destroying your pictures and being frustrated in not finding that perfect mat, just have The Digital Pen design exactly what you want.  We simply scan your pictures (if necessary) and put them together into one image, complete with text if desired.

  Photo Collage Pre-made Photo Mat
Keep pictures intact
Photos are secure
Completely customizable
Choose your own text

How much does it cost?

If the pictures are already in digital format - $2 each
If the pictures must be scanned - $3

8 x 10 - $20; $10 each additional
11 x 14* - $30; $20 each additional
10 x 20* - $45; $30 each additional

*matboard included--this gives the larger image more rigidity

Text is free!

For example, if you had eight digital images and wanted an 8 x 10 print, it would cost $36.  (8 x $2 + $20 = $36)

Check out some of the examples in our gallery, then contact us for more information!

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