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Video transfer

Transfer those cherished home movies to more durable and functional DVDs!

Why should I have my tapes transferred to DVD?

VHS, VHS-C, and Hi8 videos* won't do you much good when your VHS player finally dies.  Of course, that's assuming you even still have a VHS player!

How do you transfer the tapes?

We play your tape in a quality VHS player (or Hi8 player) and capture it into the computer.  This is done in house (meaning, it never leaves our office). We then bring it into digital video editing software and format it so it will play on a DVD player.  If desired, we can include DVD menus.

How much does it cost?

For a basic transfer, we charge $35 for the first tape, then $15 for each additional tape.  DVDs hold one-and-a-half to two hours of content.  Duplicate DVDs are $15. 

We can also perform basic editing for an additional fee.

Can I see an example?

Sure.  Here's a video we transferred for the promoter of ProgPower USA.  There were 15 songs on the VHS.  We created chapters for each song, so the customer could easily choose which song to listen to.  We also created a DVD with each song as a separate video file so they could be uploaded to YouTube.


*Please note that we cannot legally transfer copywritten VHS tapes!

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